Orthodox Icon Saint Barbara

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DescriptionOrthodox Wooden Icon Saint Barbara
AttributesEmbossed Handmade Lithograph on Wood with Wavy Outline and Golden Writing
MaterialCrafted in Natural Poplar Wood
Origin Greek Product ✅
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19 x 14 x 3 cm 13,90 €
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40 x 30 x 3 cm 33,90 €

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Orthodox Icon Saint Barbara

The Orthodox Icon of Saint Barbara is lovingly crafted in natural poplar wood. Its technique is lithography, while the wood is carved with a wavy outline that gives a modern touch to the icon.

Its embossed representation makes it a unique piece which requires high craftsmanship to be made. Its special design manages to combine traditional and modern elements, making it the most loved icon design in the customers preferences!

It is manufactured in Greece by experienced craftsmen and is produced in 4 dimensions in order to cover every need. Finally, it is worth noting that it has been specially treated and varnished to have maximum resistance to time and damage.

Saint Barbara the Great Martyr

Saint Barbara lived during the time of the emperor Maximian (286 - 305 AD), in the city of Nicomedia in Asia Minor and was the daughter of the pagan Dioscorus. Her father, a fanatical nationalist, had her locked up in a tower, due to her extraordinary of her beauty in order to protect her from suitors. However, he secretly converted to Christianity. In fact, he had ordered a bath to be built for her, so that she would not have to use the public baths, and while the plan for the bath initially provided for two windows, Barbara installed another one to honor the Holy Trinity, confiding the word to her father .Then her father, seeing this change, took pity and ordered her to be delivered to the Roman Prefect. The Prefect, admiring her beauty, tried at first to convince her, but seeing that she was adamant, he subjected her to torture, more to save her from the wrath of her father who wanted her killed. Finally the Prefect ordered her beheading, and set the sentence to be carried out by her father himself, which was also his wish. But at the moment when he had completed his crime, he fell dead struck by lightning by divine judgment.

Orthodox Church celebrates her memory on December 4

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Orthodox Icon Saint Barbara

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